Coach led express workouts for busy people!

"Boot Camp" workouts are synonymous with the word difficult. RHF Burn30 workouts can be extremely difficult...

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable…

These methods are designed to help you maximize your time and improve your will power by conquering the voice in your head.

Learn the 3 M’s…

  • Become muscle smart

  • Create optimum mobility

  • Learn the power of metabolic mayhem

The Workout…

You are expected to have a basic level of understanding and skill level in order to participate in RHF Burn30 Bootcamp. If you are a beginner (with the will power) we will attempt to work with you. Let the trainer know (before your workout) of any pre-existing conditions that may hinder your performance during the sweat session. We CAN make some reasonable adjustments and modify many of the moves for you.

The Music…

RHF Burn30 Bootcamp plays loud music! Please let the trainer know before the workout if you have hearing issues so we may place you in the proper spot to suit your needs.

Show & Go Method…

We use a “show and go” method this way everyone can participate and fit in. You do your own counts so you can work at your own pace. We will make necessary corrections as we go.

Please bring indoor shoes free of rocks, dirt, mud, snow or other debris to keep the training floor reasonably clean. It is also recommended that you bring a towel, a water bottle, and a mat. Please wear workout attire. Look good and feel good! Nike “Shox” or “Shape Up” shoes are NOT recommended. You must wear shoes during the workouts.

As with all workout regimens…

Discontinue exercise if you feel faint, dizzy, short of breath, nausea, or are in pain. If any of this is the case, you must stop training and let the trainer know without interrupting the sweat session.

Got 30 Minutes?

Rise Up!

30 min.JPG

and check the schedule below…..


Burn30 Scheduling Policies
(All others by appointment only)

Duration: 30 minutes
Class fits 8 maximum
Please no mid-class entry.
Indoor shoes only please.

Check In Cutoff:
30 minutes prior to start

Checkout Cutoff:
15 minutes prior to start (if you decide to cancel)

AM Check In: please complete the night prior
First Afternoon Class: check in cutoff is 1 hour prior

“No shows” get docked a session
“Late cancels” get docked a session
(cancel at least 15 minutes prior to start)

Check in with the RHF APP. APP/Online check-ins have priority.
Reserve it. Deserve it. Earn account credits for check-ins!
See the RHF Rewards Program for details.


Core & Cardio

Rough Weekly Scope:
Mobility Monday
Core Tuesday
Upper Deck Wednesday
Cardio Thursday (SHIIT)
Furious Friday (when available)
Saturday Shredder (when available)

Scheduling & Communication…
RHF Burn30 Bootcamp or RHF Event cancellations due to weather or unforeseen circumstances are corresponded through THE RHF APP/ONLINE ACCOUNT per the policy. We may also send an email or a text message (SMS). Cancellations may not include a written posted notice. Be sure to check the RHF APP daily via push notification (before you plan to workout) for any announcements. Also, make sure we have your email/cell phone on file as well in order to connect with you. Please note that RHF is closed for all major holidays. Our schedule is updated regularly so we urge you to check the RHF APP frequently.

Training blocks & blackouts…
We will be working in training blocks for our programming which will include some blackouts dates. Blackouts are considered rest/detraining days. This will help us to scale your program effectively. Typically these schedule adjustments will occur every 4-6 weeks. Note the schedule ahead of time on the RHF APP or website so you can plan out your visits. Online workouts may be available when Burn30 is closed.

Cooperate to participate.

If a member/participant refuses to cooperate, FOR ANY REASON, with the staff/trainer (causes disruption or is disrespectful) they will be asked to leave the class.

If you are injured or just finishing a rehab assignment you will need clearance from RHF management which may require a doctor’s release form stating your restrictions & limitations. It is YOUR responsibility to communicate your injuries and limitations on a DAILY BASIS to the staff/trainer. You are 100% responsible for your body.  

If you continue to train in a manor against the advice of professionals RHF reserves the right to put you on leave. In such instance you will forego any medical leave option due to negligence (see RHF policies for details).

As mentioned, RHF Burn30 Bootcamp is an intermediate/advanced level program. We will make every reasonable attempt to make modifications to the workout whether you are injured or are just beginning your program. It is as simple as communicating your needs. Listen to the trainer for instructions on modifying your moves. We want to help you get better. Please let us do so.

All Burn30 scheduling is subject to change due to weather, holidays, blackouts, trainer availability, venue availability, participation, and unforeseen circumstances.

You must have the RHF APP to view the real time schedule and for any real time special announcements or updates. Turn on notifications.

Members! Bring a friend anytime! Guests must sign the guest log.