Fitness Difference


Cutting edge techniques to help you reach your goals. Fit people always win!

Rock Hard Fitness specializes in metabolic workouts; short, intense, functional, full-body workouts.

These workouts are designed to torch fat, maintain joint integrity, and are transferable to real life.

RHF uses many training methods. You will learn/hear the terms metabolic training, high intensity training (HIT), plyometrics or jump training, energy system training, exhaustion training, supersets & complexes, among others.

These methods are also designed to help you:

  • Stave off over-training (avoid peaking out)

  • Prevent injuries

  • Improve flexibility & overall functionality

  • Make you stronger; improve lean mass and rid body fat

  • Build usable muscle with a combination of strength and cardio

  • Fire up your metabolism (beats a treadmill any day)

  • Set the ground work for rock solid results FAST

  • Create fitness ON DEMAND...After learning many of these workouts you can do them anywhere and anytime

  • Become a calorie burning machine

  • Maximize loss of belly fat

  • Build amazing endurance

  • Activate more muscle for accelerated growth