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There are hundreds of success stories from happy RHF clients. Here are a few…

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“Cadillac of fitness in Alaska” -Theresa W.

“RHF is fast, fun, and functional” -Andrea M.

Thank you does not seem adequate for what I have gained back in my health, self-esteem, and confidence...THANK YOU RHF! -Teresa M

Fast. Fun. Effective. RHF's unique 30 minute (fast) super energized workout (fun) nets amazing results (effective). For me, results happened faster than with other workouts, has made my life more fun, and that makes it a truly effective fitness plan. -Andréa M

As a mother of five and working full time, 30 minutes out of my day works perfect for me and my family. This is the program for me! -Leaso F

The truth is...if you want to be better there is a measure of effort that has to be put forth and at RHF I am driven to try harder even when it hurts and that's when it's the most effective because I pushed my boundaries and conquered weaknesses. -Bridget B

I came to RHF needing a push out of my comfortable, long, slow, worthless workouts. Here I get a fast hard workout that has increased my metabolism and changed my body composition. -Sandy J

I have been going to Rock Hard Fitness for about 5 months and have released upwards of 50 pounds and have the most positive attitude. Physically and mentally I am the strongest I have ever been. Thanks RHF! -Michele W

I worked at a local gym for 11 yrs. I used it regularly and NEVER saw the results I got from RHF in just months! I have been a size 7 for years and never really thought of myself as fat, but in less than a year with RHF I dropped 5 sizes and I am now a size 2! I have never been this healthy, strong or tone in my life! -Chandra G

I renewed my DMW license and I received several compliments on how much younger I look in the new license! That was such a great birthday present. I left with a smile on my face and not regretting leaving my old license behind. I feel so blessed to have found Rock Hard Fitness and such a great group of fellow fitness/wellness seekers to work out with! -Shannon L

Rocky (RHF) knows how to get his clients in shape for cycling races or for any type of  race for that matter. -Yvonne H

If you are on the fence, or have ever considered doing the RHF program, take advantage of this deal. Working out with Rocky/RHF has changed my life completely. At 46, I am the most fit I have ever been in my life. RHF kicks the crap outta paying for a traditional gym and seeing little or NO results! This place is amazing! -James C-W

I want to take a moment to let you know that with your help and encouragement today is the first time in YEARS I've felt great in a bathing suit. Because of RHF...I have my confidence back. -Sarah O

RHF is the best gym I've ever been to! -Lindsy S

If you have special goals to reach or if you simply want to look and feel your best while having a great time doing so Rocky is your guy and RHF is the place! -Joyce M (Playgirl)

“You are an amazing trainer. I thoroughly enjoy the workouts. With Rocky’s knowledge base and extremely pleasant personality, anyone can succeed.” -Julie Spurlock

“I can honestly tell you that I’ve never felt this good in my entire life. Before, I felt old, was tired and dying on the inside. Today, I feel alive, vital and full of determination– to live to be 120! Thank you for the guidance, training, faith and tremendous friendship.” -Tom Lucido

“You pinpoint areas that need strengthening and are such a major motivator for me. I am thankful for your encouragement and positive reinforcement.” -Laurie Butler

“I like the structure, intensity and the fact that you can get in and out in just a half hour– and still have an awesome workout. I thank you for my increased strength and stamina!” -Alexis Langdon

“I’m a couple of years away from turning 50 and despite my aging metabolism, I went from a size XL to Medium with the help of Rock Hard Fitness. I have even bought my first size Small (last week). How great is that for 3% (30 mins a day) of my daily effort?” -Andrea Meche

“Rock Hard Fitness really made a difference for me this last year. I went in to see you about getting in shape to recover faster from an upcoming total hip replacement surgery. The training regiment was specific to my needs, level of fitness and you delivered a program specifically to deal with my chronic pain and deteriorated hip. All in all, when I had the surgery it made my recovery all the more quicker and easier. Thank you, you rock!” -Mark Mandigo

“I came to you as a last resort, at the age of 39, with a weak back that had been seriously injured 3 times since I was 17. I was an athlete at heart– former downhill ski instructor, volleyball player and cross-country runner. For the past 10 years, I’d been told by surgeons and other specialists that I’d never be able to “workout” again and would have to accept being in chronic back pain for the rest of my life. You believed in my potential and knew no limitations. You are my fitness trainer & nutrition coach of choice. Thank you!” -Kathy Benedetti

“I just want you to know that everyone you are touching in your studio is going out and touching other people. I had a need to tell you how much I do appreciate you and your time. I truly could not think of a better place to be than your studio. Thank you!” -Jennifer Stegemoller

“I just wanted to start off by saying thank you. Working out with you has helped me a lot. I came into the workout with the main goal of feeling better and managing my daily pain better. And I can happily say that I feel great! I have great range of motion in my shoulder which I never thought was possible. You have given me the tools I need to do workouts on my own and maintain what I have already accomplished.” -Abbra Neujahr

“My goal was to be able to move more freely and to be flexible, along with releasing the extra baggage. I accomplished that with the guidance and support of you and your team. Thanks Rocky!” -Liz Farber

“I am definitely coming back. I just wanted to say that your workouts did wonders for me at school. I scored the highest on my PT test that I have in 9 years in the Army. Thanks!" -Stacie Agans, US Army

“Training and nutrition education have changed my view on how to train. You have taught me the dynamics of training from the inside out. Cutting edge exercises are needed to improve function and flexibility (mobility). RHF has given me a dimension that I can truly benefit from.” -Dean DeVille - Extreme Athlete

“You have changed my life in many ways; my diet, the focus during the workouts, and my overall outlook on fitness. RHF is the cutting edge for sport specific training. The training has literally taken my game to the next level.” - Alex Young - Hockey Player